¿Who We Are? 

FELICITÁ MOVIES: We are a creative platform and a production company all together. We brought together our talent and over 15+ years of experience as writers, directors, producers, art directors and technicians of the motion picture industry to offer transformational and clever contents, so far, reaching markets in Cali, Bogotá, Madrid and the United States. In 2014, we officially established Felicitá Movies SAS, a Production Company based in Cali Colombia. We are spearheading an initiative to co-create films produced in Cali and we strive to export this content worldwide fostering the Colombian Ecosystem of Cinematographic Entrepreneurship.

We explore image and sound to create innovative and creative content that positively impact the viewer and exceed the expectations of our customers. Among our productions, we have carried out Advertising, Television, Music Industry and Film.

Welcome to Felicita Movies !