The Skinless Girl / La Niña Sin Piel

The Skinless Girl

Feature Film

Genre: Fantasy | Drama /Formato: Digital, 4k. / Target: 18-35 Length: 99 min 

Producer: FELICITÁ / Directed : Julián Londoño


Synopsis:  Simona, a Catholic nun of peasant customs, is a teacher of the only choir in the Colombian jungle in the deep Guainia. She is also chief nurse of the hospital of “Ojos de agua” village, in which, for 34 years , she has been treating wounds of patients from all criminal gangs.  She has just given up her novitiate after being threatened for saving the life of a girl who was lying without skin, a girl that an armed group had tried to incinerate. Their superiors of the religious order forced her to enroll in a cloisters, but she refused. When she returns to the medical center “Ojos de agua”, when entering through the patio, she observes the tortured and crucified bodies of their colleagues Martín and Daniela; they were doing nursing work and thus had been murdered for taking care of the skinless girl. That took plenty of hours and thus they had neglected the attention of several fighters who lost their lives without attention of nursing.

Feature Film

Looking For: Funding, Co-production Partners

Production Company: Felicitá Movies / Producer: Julian Londoño

Directed: Julian Londoño