Milk Teeth / Dientes de Leche

Synopsis :Gerardo becomes Jazmin. His father, just came out of jail, is looking for his son as he is guided by a pair of milk teeth. They are between the fear of guilt and truth that redeem them to decide their new fate.

Feature Film

Looking For: Funding, Co-production Partners

Genre: Drama | Black Comedy / Format: Digital 4k / Target: 25+ year / Length: 90 minutes

Production Company: Felicitá Movies / Producer: Julian Londoño / Directed: Mauricio Pulido


  1. 2017  Bogotá Audiovisual Market
  2. 2016 Premio de estímulo a la producción en el festival de Cine de Cali
  3. Festival de cine de Cali 2015 guión
  4. FDC, 2014, 2015 Originalidad y temática
  5. 2013  Clínica de proyectos Cannes