Crystal Unicorn


Synopsis: Walking along the river, father and daughter collect glass and, with them, they make a beautiful unicorn. Father and daughter say goodbye to each other at the hospital; probably it might be the last day of their lives together.

Before the night goes away, Unicorn appears under the spell of his dance, but actually that day, Unicorn longs to believe in others to face his own fate. He recently overcome the grief of having lost his brother. Unicorn will find rejoicing helping the children of the hospital recovering their joy with reverie. Unicorn has reinvented himself since he has managed to live in a new house and, although they are living a harsh moment, the father, daughter and Unicorn  indeed represent that invisible bond of solidarity that unites all humans.

 Short Film

Status: Post-production / Genre: Drama | inspirational  /Format: Digital Cinematography, 4k         Target: Familiar /Length: 10 minutes/ Looking for Funding co-production in Post Production

Producer: FELICITÁ /  Directed:  Julián Londoño