We are a creative team from Cali with more than 15 years of experience in film, television and web productions in Bogotá, Cali, Madrid and the United States. Professionals that 3 years ago decided to join to officially found, the Felicitá Movies Production House, to carry out in Cali an Ecosystem of Cinematographic Entrepreneurship, with a view to the circulation of films produced in Cali to be exported to the whole world.

We experiment with image and sound to create innovative and creative products that impact the viewer and exceed the expectations of our customers. We work creating productions for Advertising, Television, Music Industry and Film.





María isabel Salcedo

Trilingual economist with a Master’s Degree in Business Administration (MBA) and 10 years of experience in the public and private sectors.


Executive producer of the animated film Len and the song of the whales, 2019,executive producer of the fiction feature film: Dientes de Leche 2015, directed byMauricio Pulido. Executive producer of the feature film: The Hunters 2018,directed by Luis Vanegas. Executive producer of the short film: Unicornio,January 2019. Directed by Julián Londoño. Producer of the fiction short film: Oportuna, directed by Julián Londoño 2017.




FDC, 2014, 2015

Originality and theme (Len and Milk Teeth)

Honorable mention of the Ministry of Culture, 2011
Len Annecy-Official Selection-France, 2017 Len and the song
of Las Ballenas. Producer. Winners to the interview in VentanaSur-Buenos Aires Argentina.
(Len) among more than 270 projects, they achieve the direct pass for represent Colombia 
and Latin America at the Annecy festival 2017-Francia.Len and the song of Las Ballenas. 
Producer. Best European distributor award, 2018.
(Awarded to Latido films by CARTOON NETWORK)


Film Projects

Life Death and Reborn

The six months of darkness finally reached Bogota and the world, and with them the promises of anarchy and terror of the so-called “Hunters”. Ana, a twelve-year-old girl, must flee the city with her parents to protect their lives; locked in a bunker designed to protect them for as long as necessary, Ana, Mateo and Ángela will wait underground expecting to avoid the horrors that abound on the surface. Meanwhile, without the benefit of a shelter, John, a 35-year-old man must flee with his wife Laura to protect the life of their unborn baby.


In the thick of the mountains, in a community led by a preacher known as the gentleman, who is unaware of technology and modernity, a child dies of starvation but nobody is unfazed by it. These deaths have become more frequent and little by little the lord loses his credibility after having promised to take to the town a God in the form of a child.

Milk Teeth

Gerardo becomes jamín. His father just got out of jail and looked for him with a pair of milk teeth. They are in the midst of guilt and the truth that redeems them to decide their new destiny.

Jaime Garzón

Through the memories of a child named Ismael, we will see how Jaime transformed his life, he will tell us how he tried to free the hostages and escape from mobsters who seduced him with winks of power. Ismael grows up and at age 16 he rejects the order to kill him saying (I can not kill the only being that has made me laugh at my own misfortunes).

Len and the Song of the Whales

Len, 9 year old girl Perform rituals with humpback whales where storms hit their tribe. Len finds in a mysterious jaguar man the answer to the conflict of the tribe: leave the coast to survive.